Awareness Engineering

Casting a National Campaign Requires Logistics Acumen,
Something APWG Can Help New Curators Command Today

Government ministries and NGOs may be intimidated by the thought of casting a national cybersecurity awareness campaign but with a little data logistics intervention from APWG Engineering, you can be upgrading your country's users at scale tout de suite.

APWG Engineering brought its legendary improvisational data logistics skills to bear in the establishment of a new field of cybersecurity awareness cultivation: Awareness Engineering, the discipline of crafting maximally effective data logistics for the purpose of informing and maintaining an electronically mediated public awareness campaign.

Here's how APWG Engineering does it for STOP. THINK. CONNECT. :

The APWG Corps of Awareness Engineers gives your ministry or NGO the entire website, page templates, content, and CMS for content management, complete and ready to mount under your nation's ccTLD. It's ready to edit, translate and otherwise augment for your campaign's needs.
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If your ministry or NGO needs a sponsor to host the website while your campaign acquires resources of its own, APWG will host it for you after your ministry or NGO establishes the domain name under the national ccTLD that you want to use to host campaign resources. Just contact us at

For nation-state campaign curators with network and web resources at hand, the Messaging Convention archives a pre-packaged website that is ready and easy to install on your servers just as soon as your ministry or national-scope NGO has completed the memorandum of understanding with the Messaging Convention. The site is simple to edit and requres little maintenance.

As APWG Awareness Engineer Guhan Iyer says, "You can be up and running in an afternoon. Let's get started helping spread awareness!"